Upgrading my Raspberry PI for HomeAssistant

I'm really disappointed!

Since I've started using more and more add-ons for HomeAssistant, my installation constantly became unresponsive. The add-ons page did not load anymore, the System page threw cryptic errors. Overall, I've had to restart my Raspberry every few days.

The reason was easy to figure out: My 5-years old Raspberry 3 only had 1 GB of RAM which was exceeded up to the last bit. So I went out to my vendor of trust to get a new Raspberry 4B with 8 GB - just to be safe for future use cases - and a brand new 32 GB SD card.

For the final migration day, I've planned ahead being awake half of the night, being undisturbed while wife and kids are in bed. During dinner, I'd took the last full backup of my old installation and was looking forward for a night of joy and nightmares. Also, I'd started flashing the new 32 GB SD card with the HomeAssistant Image for Raspberry 4 64Bit.

When everyone was in bed, I'd shutdown the old Raspberry and just replaced it with the new one, including a new power supply. Didn't took long until the web UI of the new one was available under homeassistant.local. I was surprised, that it directly asks to import an existing backup - so yes - I've uploaded my last full backup.

Waiting a few more minutes and the web UI came up, 100% identical to the old one. All users were present, all Add-On's installed and working, even my custom made Add-On for Victoria-Metrics was there. All integrations worked out-of-the-box. Cloud connection was active. I couldn't believe that, so I went to the systems / hardware view, just to make sure it's really my new raspberry 4 that I'm looking at. And of course it was.

👏 Thanks HomeAssistant for that amazing experience!

Finally, there was one more thing I had to fix - that is the IP address used by the raspberry, now using the same as the old one.

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