About me

My Name is Andreas, living in Germany. I'm married and proud father of two sons. Finished school in 2000 and graduated in Information Technology as german Dipl.-Ing. (BA).

Since End of 2003 I'm working for the same global company in different roles. Currently I'm team lead of the integration platforms team, managing lot's of servers and containers, and providing services like build, deployment, run and monitoring for our central integration system.


Instead of listing each and every programming language I've ever built a Hello World with, like Java or C#, or even listing all kind of languages that are no languages at all, like HTML or JSON, I'm just going to list my two most favorites - which someday will change once again - I'm sure...


Again, I probably could list a whole lot of technologies and tools I've worked with in the last decade, so this is just the most recent stuff I'm working with.

Projects (I'm involved)